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102 » Maggie Mattock

Location: UK
Date: 30.10.2013
Time: 01:36:42

Dated 29/2/2012
Hello, We've just found your message from Marjorie Helen Goody, who would be my husband's third cousin once removed, and we'd love to be able to make contact with her - I wonder if you're able to send our email address to her? Many thanks, and the web-site is still so impressive, by the way!

Reply: Maggie Mattock wishes to contact Marjorie Helen Goody. If you see this Marjorie and wish to get in touch please leave a message here on the guestbook. You can be sure that we will not pass on your email address to anyone else without your permission.

101 » Angela Atkinson

Location: UK
Date: 30.10.2013
Time: 01:35:17

Dated 19/2/2012
My name is Angela Atkinson born 1955 my maiden name was Carver. My father was Walter Frederick Carver and his mother was Clara Carver whose husband died and she remarried Uriah Goody. I am just starting my family tree and am fascinated with your site - such a lot of hard work and amazing and interesting results

Reply: Thank you for your message and the information about your family. We wish you every success in your researching, we are sure that you will catch the bug just like us.

100 » Marilyn Roberts

Location: Australia
Date: 30.10.2013
Time: 01:34:15

Dated 17/1/2012
Found Isobel Alice Goody of Parkes NSW as subscriber on Familysearch re William Bridger 1780-1859, with your web page attached. Would like to know family connection to Isobel, any help appreciated.

Reply: Thank you for your message, we are sorry that we do not have information about Isobel as we do not have access to Australian records. We wish you every success in finding out more about her.

99 » Kathryn Moore

Location: UK
Date: 30.10.2013
Time: 01:33:03

Dated 22/11/2011
Hello, Abraham Goodey (Born 1884) is my Great Great Grandfather. Can you let me know if you manage to find any information on his wife, Mary Ann Temple. Thanks

Reply: Thank you for your message in our guestbook. Unfortunately at the present time we have no further information about Mary Ann Temple, however, if we find out anything we will put in on the web site

98 » David Cork

Location: UK
Date: 30.10.2013
Time: 01:29:54

Dated 26/10/2011
I found your site from an entry on the IGI. It was an item re John Bass b 1744 married to Ann. I believe their daughter Sarah married Thomas Cork in Chilham in 1805. Sarah is my 3 x grt grandmother. Do you have any further information about this person.

Reply: Thank you for your request for information in our guestbook. Unfortunately we cannot help you without more information as to when John and Ann were married, so we will contact you by email to see if we can help you more.

97 » Marjorie Helen Goody

Location: USA
Date: 30.10.2013
Time: 01:21:32

Dated 13/10/2011
I was born to Kenneth Hugill Goody and Wanda Irene Bernhard on Oct. 25, 1929. I am a Retired School Administrator and Licensed School Psychologist. Madge Goody married William Y. McLeish and had three sons (Kenneth, William, and John). Kenneth married Reta and had three children (Cheryl, Kenneth, and Rod). Hugh Goody married Eva and had a daugher, Sheila (all deceased). Hugh then married Irene and had David and Anne. Richard Goody (son of Harold) married Elfriede and has one daughter, Brigid.

Reply: Thank you very much for your message, we will contact you by email as soon as possible.
We will add your information to our database and when possible upload some more family trees.

96 » Neal Dawson-Goodey

Location: UK
Date: 30.10.2013
Time: 01:19:06

Dated 7/8/2011
Joseph and Eliza Gooday on your family tree are my Great Great Great Grandparents. I have a family tree that starts back at the year 1700 and goes up to the present day. If you're interested in taking a look email me.

Reply: Thank you for your message in our guestbook, we would be delighted to see your family tree and will contact you by email shortly.

95 » Mervyn Lougher-Goodey

Location: Canada
Date: 30.10.2013
Time: 01:18:08

Dated 31/7/2011
I am a great grand son of James Frederick Goodey by his second wife Jane King. I have more information that may be added to the Halstead/Colchester Gooodey family if required

Reply: Thank you for your message in our guestbook and the offer of more details. We would be delighted to receive your help and will contact you as soon as possible.

94 » Katherine Roberts

Location: UK
Date: 30.10.2013
Time: 01:17:06

Dated 7/7/2011
I am the daughter of Andrew James Davy he was married to Elizabeth Jane Minto (b. 1917 in Blaydon and died April 1987) on the 26-12-1953 at St Annes Church London E1 Andrew died in February 1954 6 weeks after they married and I was born September 1954 I married Terence Roberts in 1972 and I have had 3 children my son Stuart was stillborn in 1973 my son Danny was born in 1974 my daughter Lisa was born 1979 Lisa is married to Neil Duller in 2010 and has a son Spencer b.2011 Andrew and Elizabeth are buried together in St Patricks Catholic Cemetery Leytonstone London.

Reply: Thank you for your message in our guestbook and such interesting information, we will be in touch with you by email soon.

93 » Sara Williams

Location: UK
Date: 30.10.2013
Time: 01:15:34

Dated 7/7/2011
Hi, I'm the Grandaughter of Ilene Goody and John Williams, and wondered if you would like some more info to add to your tree.

Reply: Thank you for your message in our guestbook and the offer of more information, we find that people are very kind in offering to help us, we will be in touch with you by email soon.
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