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92 » Russell Goody

Location: Australia
Date: 30.10.2013
Time: 01:12:06

Dated 1/7/2011
Hi, my mother Pearl Goody is looking for her father is Gerald Goody used to live in Seaford Melbourne Australia (emigrated from England) also her 2 sister that should live somewhere in Australia Elizabeth Goody and Susan Goody. Their mother is called Jean Goody!! Please help?

Reply: Thank you for your message in our guestbook. Unfortunately, we do not have any information about anyone who has emigrated to Australia recently. We are sorry that we are unable to help you.

91 » Andrew Davis

Location: Hong Kong
Date: 30.10.2013
Time: 01:10:31

Dated 22/4/2011
I am the Grandson of Sydney Harry Seymour Goodey. Unfortunately as I live abroad doing any in depth studying is not possible except through the internet. The site is great fun. Regards Andrew

Reply: Thank you very much for your message, it is always nice to hear from people.

90 » Ken Taylor

Location: Australia
Date: 29.10.2013
Time: 05:30:23

Dated 12/4/2011
Hi. I have just found your great family site. I have recently discovered my G G Grandmother was Sophia Tabner, b Worlington 1824. Father was Joseph, mother possibly Issabella Jude. I would love to hear from you
. Regards Ken.

Reply: Thank you for your message in our guestbook. We are very pleased that you like our website. All the information we have regarding the Tabner family is on our site.

89 » Ray Watson

Location: UK
Date: 29.10.2013
Time: 05:29:08

Dated 29/1/2011
I have Goody's in Kirtling, Cambridgeshire going back to the 1770's and my father-in-law still lives in the village.

Reply: Thank you for your message. We shall be in touch by email shortly. Hopefully, we can find a connection.

88 » Lynn

Location: Canada
Date: 29.10.2013
Time: 05:27:59

Dated 28/10/2010
I think I've found a potential connection to James F. GOODEY and Elizabeth Anne STOCK in my family tree. You have Elizabeth's birthdate listed in 1861. Just wondering about her parents. Do you have that information? STOCK is a common name, so I'm trying to determine if this is the right one for my tree.

Reply: Thank you for your message in our guestbook, we will be in touch by email shortly. We don't know if we can help you but will try our best.

87 » Suzanne Fernando (formerly Goody)

Location: UK
Date: 29.10.2013
Time: 05:25:17

Dated 21/8/2010
I am Daniel George Goody's daughter (his exact birth date 7-10-1917 / Died 14/03/2000 Harrogate) and am also researching the Goody family tree too. If you are interested, please email me for further information. eg. I have more details for Reginald George Goody and Daniel, and also Daniel's brother Reginald Russell Goody. Great site - thanks for the information.

Reply: Thank you for your message, we are pleased that you like the site and the information. We will be in touch with you by email soon.

86 » Amelia Goody

Location: UK
Date: 29.10.2013
Time: 05:24:01

Dated 10/8/2010
Wow, I really didn't realise that there were so many Goody's out there and it is truly amazing really.

Reply: We're very pleased that you found our web site, we have information about lots more people.

85 » Yvonne Failner

Location: USA
Date: 29.10.2013
Time: 05:23:05

Dated 24/6/2010
What a great site. I am a g-g-ggrandaugther of Henry Goody. Victoria Goody is the line I follow. what a wonderful thing to find info about her. Thank you.

Reply: Thank you for your message, we are very pleased that we could give you some information. We will be in touch by email soon.

84 » Karen (White) Stone

Location: USA
Date: 29.10.2013
Time: 05:18:53

Dated 1/6/2010
Edyre Rex White is my father & I was quite pleased to come upon your website! I can tell you more, and perhaps you can tell me more as well.

Reply: We are very pleased to hear that you found our website and will be in touch soon. We will try to help you if we can.

83 » Vernion Secord

Location: Canada
Date: 29.10.2013
Time: 05:17:53

Dated 1/6/2010
What a site! My deceased grandfather was Josiah Tabner who was born in Suffolk England in 1871. Records in Canada indicate that in 1885 at the age of 14 Josiah Tabner acting as a ships cabin boy emmigrated to Canada by himself. Throughout his life in Canada Josiah resided in Annapolis Royal Nova Scotia Canada where he died on 11-Mar-1951. Josiah was twice married and with his second had five children. One of which is my 93 year old mother Anna Madeline Secord (nee Tabner). Gertrude Tabner, Josiah's other surviving child and my mothers sister remembers that her father had two brothers, who were known as Arthur and Silasis. Is it possible that Josiah Tabner is the son of Frederick and Sarah Tabner? Are you aware of any birth records available for Frederick and Sarah Tabner's children? In particular Josiah. Your records reflect that by 1881 Sarah was widowed with six male children and living on her own, what about the other children. Thanks so much and hope to hear from you soon.

Reply: Thank you for your message, we will be in touch by email soon in the hope that we can help each other.
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