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62 » Alan O'Donoghue

Location: UK
Date: 28.10.2013
Time: 03:51:08

Dated 25/2/2009
Hi, I'm trying to find out all I can about Charles Goody, who was born in Glemsford about 1817. Is there any chance you could help?

Reply: Unfortunately, we have not yet researched the Glemsford church records and for a person born at this time it is the only way to trace him accurately.

61 » M Zeronian

Location: UK
Date: 28.10.2013
Time: 03:49:27

Dated 28/1/2009
My Gt. Gt. Aunt Alice Sorewood married a Daniel Goody 11 June 1881 at St. Nicholas Parish Church, Witham, Essex Would Daniel be part of your tree?

Reply: Thank you for your message. We will contact you by email.

60 » Louise Wall nee Goody

Location: Unknown
Date: 28.10.2013
Time: 03:48:32

Dated 21/1/2009
hi all just been given this site and am gobsmacked at all the goodys out there. brilliant, been trying to research for a while then through a new contact given this site. amazing

Reply: Thank you for the compliments and we hope you continue to enjoy browsing our site.

59 » Derek

Location: UK
Date: 28.10.2013
Time: 03:46:55

Dated 23/12/2008
My antecedents were born in Pedleys Orchard, 1846. Do you know much about it, thanks

Reply: Pedlar's Orchard was part of Stepney, we had a relative, Ann Siggins, living there in 1851. It's name disappeared after 1870.

58 » Paul O'Donnell

Location: Ireland
Date: 28.10.2013
Time: 03:46:02

Dated 30/11/2008
Hello I am researching the Branchett Family and was directed here by the latter day saints website, My aunt was married to Alfred George Branchett who was killed in burma in 1945. I could not find any branchetts on your tree, If you could help me I would be most grateful, Regards, Paul

Reply: Thank you for your message, we do not know why you were directed to our website. We are sorry to say that we do not have any information about the Branchett family.

57 » Paul

Location: UK
Date: 28.10.2013
Time: 03:45:04

Dated 18/11/2008
Ref Message from Ann (21.3.2006)who was seeking information re a John Goodeve - I may have some information but not certain. If she is still enquiring please feel free to ask her to email me.

Reply: Thank you for your message. We are sorry to say that due to computer problems we no longer have Ann's email address, perhaps she will read this message and come back to us.

56 » Jackie C

Location: Australia
Date: 27.10.2013
Time: 02:13:03

Dated 11/9/2008
Love your website. Do you know if the street Hope Place Stepney still exists?

Reply: Hope Place existed until after World War 2, since then there has been massive reconstruction and Hope Place disappeared, we think in the 1950s.

55 » Peter Terry

Location: UK
Date: 27.10.2013
Time: 02:12:05

Dated 7/9/2008
I am a direct descendent of Golden Goodey (B 1816 - Chappel, Essex). I would particularly like to hear from Karin who says one of her ancestors was Golden's base born daughter - ditto! - or indeed anyone who shares these common relations.

Reply: We will try to contact Karin and give her your email address. She will then contact you directly if she so wishes.

54 » Marie Cocking

Location: UK
Date: 27.10.2013
Time: 02:10:33

Dated 12/8/2008
Regarding your Ridleys, do you have an Ellen Elizabeth Ridley married to a George H Nunn, London in the 1880s onwards.

Reply: Thank you for your message. We are sorry but the only person we have with the surname Ridley is on our website.

53 » Jack Higgins

Location: UK
Date: 27.10.2013
Time: 02:09:26

Dated 3/7/2008
Hi I was told about your website a few weeks ago after doing the old "type your name into google" thing. Then realised that this is why my mum tried so hard to get me to smile in that picture she took. You must have taken a LOT of time to create this website what with the research and the structure, and for that, I congratulate you.

Reply: We're so glad you found the website, it's always nice when close family get in touch.
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