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52 » Chris Faircloth

Location: UK
Date: 27.10.2013
Time: 02:07:50

Dated 30/6/2008
Hi, just wanted to congratulate you on your site, a wonderful resource for anyone trying to find a link and a wonderful site for anyone who is just nosey!!!. My granddad's second wife was an Elizabeth Goody (1879-1975) whose family were publicans and ran a number of pubs in Essex. My step-granny was born and brought up in the Angel inn at Heckford Bridge near Colchester. if there is any link it may well be generations before that, but it's amazing how many of the names in my family tree turn up in yours, Whybrow, Lewsey for instance, and connections to the Halstead area. There is a constant theme that runs through lots of families in the 19th century in rural Essex, namely, migration into London, and your site is a valuable way to trace it. So once again, congratulations on a well thought out and well designed site. Chris

Reply: Thank you very much for the compliments about our website. We believe we have a link and will be in contact by email.

51 » Leeander Goody

Location: UK
Date: 27.10.2013
Time: 02:06:09

Dated 19/6/2008
I have just found this website. I have been doing some research into my tree and I am the great,great great granddaughter of John Whitfield Goody, son of George Goody born in 1821. I have John's year of birth as 1857, and have found four children for him.

Reply: Thank you for your message, we will be in touch by email soon. Thank you for your offer to help us.

50 » Keith Goody

Location: UK
Date: 27.10.2013
Time: 02:05:18

Dated 2/6/2008
Hi.I am the son of James & Joyce Goody. I have noticed that the family tree does not go down as far as it used to. I used to be mentioned along with my children, and also my cousins, and their children. Is this part now omitted or in the process of being updated? I can provide any details that may be missing form this part of the tree. Many Thanks & Kind Regards -Keith

Reply: Thank you for your message, we will be in touch shortly.

49 » Karin

Location: Australia
Date: 27.10.2013
Time: 02:04:11

Dated 5/5/2008
Just came across this site and I think I have some information for you to add. I believe that Golden Goodey (b1816) was the father of my ancestor's base child - Mary Ann Pudney (b1837).

Reply: Thank you for your message, we will contact you by email. It is amazing how family connections can be found.

48 » Ian Howard

Location: UK
Date: 27.10.2013
Time: 02:02:49

Dated 4/1/2008
Hello, I would like to congratulate you on the work you have done to research the tree, I have been doing some research on my ancestors and know what effort it takes. I have a link to John Frederick Tawell through my wife, a former Tawell, and would be willing to invite you to view my tree if you would like to see all the details.

Reply: Thank you for your message, it's always interesting to hear from descendants of the Goody family. We will be in touch with you by email soon.

47 » Kirsty Smith

Location: UK
Date: 27.10.2013
Time: 02:01:38

Dated 16/11/2007
Hello, I believe that your Elisha born 1831 was married to my second great grand aunt, Ellen Dean. Please let me know if you want more info.

Reply: Thank you for your message, we will be in touch by email. Hopefully we will be able to add more information to the tree.

46 » Marjorie Kemp

Location: UK
Date: 27.10.2013
Time: 02:00:45

Dated 14/11/2007
My great grandfather died at 25 Duckett Street 19th May 1892. His name was Joseph Humm. Is there a family connection? Also I have the name Cordell in my family tree. I noticed the name with regard to a witness on a marriage certificate, again connected with the address at 25 Duckett Street.

Reply: Thank you for your message, we will be in touch by email.

45 » Adam Daykin

Location: UK
Date: 27.10.2013
Time: 01:59:36

Dated 25/9/2007
I am the son of Donald Daykin, Grandson of Grace Goodey and Ernest Daykin. The family tree is extremely interesting to me as I knew little of my family history. If you would like any further info regarding our side of the family tree please contact me.

Reply: Thank you for your message, we will be in touch by email. It is wonderful when people offer to help us in our research.

44 » Bryon Goody

Location: USA
Date: 27.10.2013
Time: 01:58:37

Dated 34/9/2007
Hello from Idaho. I am looking up my families geneology. It goes back to William Goodey who was born in Halstead, Essex, England. Could this be a brother to Daniel Goody? Any information would be great. Thanks, Bryon

Reply: Thank you for your message, we will be in touch by email hopefully we can help you.

43 » A Neale

Location: Canada
Date: 27.10.2013
Time: 01:57:42

Dated 13/9/2007
I'm having a little trouble tracing my ancestor b C 1843 Halstead - Emma Willings' family. I'm going with the possibility that she might be the child of William Stock Willings and Elizabeth Goody, whom I discovered you have in your database as well. Still tentative at this point, I was encourage when I noted that Elizabeth Goody had a sister called Emma. Do you have any records of their children? Although an likely 1851 census record has the family with a child Emily, I'm thinking that this might be an error and this is "my" foremother Emma. Other children include: Elizabeth James Frederick Ellen & Susannah. My Emma married Henry Smith, 1863 Halstead.

Reply: Thank you for your message. If anyone with any information contacts us we will get in touch for permission to pass on your email address.
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