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33 » Keely Chitty

Location: New Zealand
Date: 23.10.2013
Time: 01:51:31

Dated 19/5/2007
Hi, what a wonderful site! I have been referred to your site by Jacqueline Fraley as a reference point for Bernie & Stacey Goody. They are my father's cousins. My grandfather is Albert Waites born 1911, brother of Annie Waites - married to James Goody. Would you have any information on how to contact Stacey as my father is currently in the UK on holiday and would love to contact him. In addition, I can provide you with information on Albert Waites if wanted. Kind regards, Keely Chitty (nee Waite).

Reply: Thank you for your message and the compliments, we will contact you by email soon.

32 » Gary O'Brien

Location: UK
Date: 23.10.2013
Time: 01:50:08

I have information re William Goodey and Mary Ann Harnwell if you would like to contact me.

Reply: Thank you for your message we will be in touch by email shortly. It is always good to have some help.

31 » Gordon

Location: Norway
Date: 23.10.2013
Time: 01:49:19

Dated 13/4/2007
Congrats on a great website. I am looking for information on Phylis (or Phyllis) Myrtle Goody. She married Robert Challis in Colchester in late 1946. However, before marrying she had a child, Kenneth William (or Willian Kenneth) Goody, who was born in August 1945. Any information you can provide would be most appreciated! Regards,

Reply: Thank you for your message and the compliment. We will be in touch by email soon.

30 » Joe Goody

Location: UK
Date: 23.10.2013
Time: 01:47:36

Dated 10/4/2007
Hi I'm Joe Goody and I am the great grandson of Uriah Goody. My grandad is Ronald Uriah Goody (born 1925)and my dad is Jon Ronald Uriah Goody (1955). I was born in 1992 . You can add me on if you want to . This site was helpful and my dad and I recently visited a village (Tilbury Juxta Clare) where most of the Goody's come from.

Reply: Thank you for your message, we're glad you and your father found the site helpful. We will be in touch by email soon.

29 » Lesley Frances Williams

Location: Australia
Date: 23.10.2013
Time: 01:44:06

Dated 7/4/2007
What a wealth of information, well done! Having first posted a message in your Guestbook in January 2005 I am revisiting the site and found Tricia Catling's message. I recognise the reference to William Goodey who married Mary Ann Argent 1 Feb 1846: my 2x Great-grandparents. However I couldn't see their grandson Harold on your website as described. Would you please pass on my email address to Tricia if possible, and if there is information on Harold and his family on your website, please direct me to it? Otherwise you may have another Unknown tree to add to the mix! (My great-grandmother Emily had two Goody children, Arthur and Matilda, before marrying Henry Kemp in 1884. My paternal grandmother, Florrie Maria Kemp was their second child.)

Reply: Thank you for the compliments, we do have some information and will be in contact by email.

28 » Tom Pettican

Location: UK
Date: 23.10.2013
Time: 01:38:00

Dated 29/3/2007
Alfred Pettican b.1866 was my grand father. George being my gt grandfather. I have a family tree for Petticans with about 200 names on would love to have Lucy/Lavinia's ancestral tree.

Reply: Thank you for your message, all the information we have about Lucy Lavinia Goody's family is on the website. Good luck in your searching.

27 » Cheryl Filby

Location: UK
Date: 23.10.2013
Time: 01:37:05

Dated 23/5/2007
My sister Elizabeth Quinton has asked me to let you know that she had a little girl Keisha Martland-Quinton last year. Date of birth 14/06/2006. You are in touch with one of my other sisters Tish McCormack.

Reply: Searching records can sometimes be quite sad but it's wonderful to hear of a new arrival. Congratulations Elizabeth. Thank you for letting us know Cheryl.

26 » Ernie Goody

Location: UK
Date: 23.10.2013
Time: 01:33:40

Dated 16/3/2007
I am descended from James Abner 1853 and Maria Burton (15-2-1854) and his son James Abner (15-9-1875) and Rosa Lock married in Maldon whose son was my Father Ernest Walter Goody (28-12-1916) Married 1940 I was born 6-9-1947 I have some other gaps I can fill in but I do not have all the dates.

Reply: Thank you for contacting us, we will be in touch by email shortly.

25 » Nikki Carpenter

Location: UK
Date: 23.10.2013
Time: 01:32:48

Dated 22/2/2007
Hi, well done, the tree is looking great. I provided you with the information on Richard Carpenter and Edith Goodys descendants. Am trying to locate Horace and Herbert Carpenter, do you have any information about them, have searched high and low.

Reply: Thank you for the compliment about the website. If anyone has any information please leave a message and we will try to put you in touch with each other.

24 » Erin Jackson

Location: USA
Date: 23.10.2013
Time: 01:31:20

Dated 12/2/2007
Thank you for managing this site! It's wonderful to see so much information on the Goody family. I recently began to research my family tree. My great grandmother Edith Goody was born in 1908 in Suffolk. I know she was one of eighteen children. Do you happen to know anything more on that topic?

Reply: Thank you for your message, we will be in touch by email soon.
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