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2 » Tegan Peta Goodey

Location: Australia
Date: 22.10.2013
Time: 02:22:52

Dated 29/7/2006
Hi, I am trying to research my family tree for my recently born son. My fathers name was Robert Douglas Goodey and lived in Australia since his 2nd birthday and I think his father was Arthur Goodey but Im not sure about his first name. I know that he lived in New Zealand middle area of the North Island. My father was an only child, if anyone can help I would be very thankful.

Reply: Thank you for your message we're sorry that we cannot help you as we do not have New Zealand or Australian records.

1 » Clive Goody

Location: UK
Date: 22.10.2013
Time: 02:11:30

Dated 16/7/2006
Trying to track the family of Michael Arthur Goody, born Oct or Nov 1939 in Westminster, London.

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