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152 » Andy Gawley

Location: Surrey
Date: 12.02.2015
Time: 02:54:43

My late father , William (Pat) Gawley was born and lived at 27 Duckett St., Stepney. He was born in 1928 and was a neighbour of Alfred Wilkey & Harriet Goody who lived at no.25 . Dad was evacuated to Chertsey in 1939 with my Nan. My Grandad stayed, fireman, reserved occupation, eventually having a leg destroyed by Adolf , joining the family in Chertsey, where I grew up. I've just come across your details while doing some digging. I have a photograph of the houses ( Duckett St.) if you're interested. Hope you don't mind.

Reply: Thank you for your message.
It is great to hear from someone so close to the family. We would love to receive a copy of your photo and will send you an email today (19th February).

151 » Pauline Hodkinson

Location: England
Date: 12.01.2015
Time: 05:40:17

Thank you, it's brilliant you have found the location of King Street Bakery as I had searched Google and Essex Record Office without success. I will visit Stanford-le-hope and hope to find the location. I will be very happy to email you photos of Agnes and Harriet and also update you with our side of the family.

Reply: Thank you for coming back to us so quickly. We will email you today so that you can send us copies of Agnes and Harriet's photos and update us with information about your family.

150 » Pauline Hodkinson

Location: England
Date: 01.01.2015
Time: 08:45:39

My grandmother was Agnes Goody, tenth child of David and Harriet Goody. She married George Henry MELLER on 25th December 1913. I have a photo of Harriet standing outside J.G. Coates, King Street Bakery and wonder if anyone knows where this is? This was amongst other photos and paperwork found when my mother Jean died.

Reply: Thank you very much for your message.
We believe that J G Coates, King Street Bakery, was located in Stanford Le Hope, Essex.
If you type "j g coates, king street bakery" into Google and then click on the heading "Advertisement (72) - Genes Reunited" and search for the word coates you will find a little information.
If you would like to send us a copy of the photograph of Agnes we will add it to her page on our website.
You say in your message that your mother has passed away and wonder if it would be possible for you to update us with family information so that we keep your family details correct.
We hope to hear from you again.

149 » john pennings

Location: Australia
Date: 01.12.2014
Time: 22:33:13

I have been having problems getting this message to you. My mothers maiden name was Rosa Mary Corrie Ungley born in 1899. Her mothers name my grandmother was Clara Maud Goody she was born in 1868 died in 1918. Claras parents were Isaiah Goody and Sarah Anne Cady. Hopefully this will go through.
Regards ,
John Pennings.

Reply: Many thanks for your message. Thank you very much for your help. We have written you an email and would be really pleased to hear from you again.

148 » Peter Buckeridge

Location: England
Date: 26.11.2014
Time: 07:04:33

Agnes Goody (nee Buckeridge), the mother of Lancelot Goody, late Archbishop of Perth, was my grandfather's sister.
Her notes say she was living at North Street, Wilton in 1901. This was in fact the home of George Hewett Buckeridge, her brother, who traded as a Draper from 81 North Street Wilton, Wiltshire. Agnes was probably still living at home in Calne, Wiltshire in 1901.
I have a photograph of Agnes and Ernest John Goody which I can e.mail to anyone interested.
best regards to all, Peter Buckeridge

Reply: Thank you very much for your message. It is very kind of you to offer us a photograph and we have sent you an email today concerning your message.

147 » John Pennings

Location: Australia
Date: 21.11.2014
Time: 22:05:57

My mothers mother was a Clara Maud Goody and was born in 1868. She married a Edwin Ungley he was born 1870. My mothers name was Rosa Mary Corrie Ungley born 1899, she was born at Highbury. I have photos of "Lymburners" at Belchamp St Paul. My mother married a John (Jack) Pennings.

Reply: Thank you very much for your message. It is a real coincidence but we are at the moment working on your family tree. We would be really grateful if you could tell us when your parents were married and any other information you can give us would be very helpful. We would be grateful for any photographs you have because we always think they bring a person's page to life.
We do not put any personal information on the web site if a person is still living.
We hope to hear from you again and if you wish we will contact you by email. Just let us know.

146 » Shawna

Date: 12.11.2014
Time: 14:10:37

Lovely Website, Thanks! Keep up the good work.

Reply: Thank you for visiting our website. It is always nice to receive a compliment.

145 » val fryer

Location: UK
Date: 10.11.2014
Time: 08:36:55

Rosa Wallis was my grandma. She married Frank Linwood. and their son Frank William was my dad.

Reply: Thank you for your message. As there are several people with the name Rosa Wallis we would be very grateful if you could give us an indication of when she was born.
We hope that you can help us with this question.

144 » John Evans

Location: South Wales
Date: 02.11.2014
Time: 06:41:58

If anyone finds Simon Goodey baptised in 1792 in Ewelme son of Benjamin and Ann please mail me. Sadly he's not on this site!

Reply: Thank you very much for your message. We have checked our records but can find no trace of him.
We will keep a note of your email address and if anyone answers your query we will be in touch with you by email.
Good luck with your research.

143 » eric payne

Location: UK
Date: 13.10.2014
Time: 04:54:28

Have just been looking through your Goodey web site - very interesting and congratulations on all your hard work.
My mother's father was Walter Lewis Goodey, born Jersey 1856. His father, John, originated in Halstead but at the moment I cannot see any obvious connections between our Goodeys (apart from name and Halstead) but looking through your 'unknown' page there are three names which appear on my tree - Bowles, Cook and Wicker. But again no obvious connection with my family. But at least in one instance with the help of your 'unknown' list I have been able to eliminate what I had down on my tree as a possible Goodey connection so thanks for that. As you say, go back far enough and we are all connected.

Many thanks

Eric Payne

Reply: Thank you very much for your message.
We will check our records and see if we can find any connection between the families.
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