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142 » Margaret Jean Mckay (nee Goody)

Location: UK
Date: 07.09.2014
Time: 11:03:11

ref 133. Teresa was born in the same house as her sisters, may have wrong year try a year earlier, re. married Robert George Burd 15 July 1961[never married Bill Carter]divorced Jan 1972. married Ernest McKay 1 August 1974. He died 22may 2012 aged 75, we shared the same birthday 30 April, me being 2 years older.
The 3 girls all had the same Dad, Kenneth Hall, but Vera was still married to Stanley Tunnage when Angela was born.

Reply: Hello again Maggie,
We're sorry for the delay in replying to you but we were away from home for a while.
We have the records as best we can and have found only one Teresa Marilyn, she was born in 1947 but her surname was registered as Hall. Do you think this could be the correct person?

141 » Michelle Williams

Location: United States
Date: 04.09.2014
Time: 01:11:57

Hi Charles & Valerie, it's been a long time since I spoke to you. Last time we spoke my god son had gotten in a car accident (remember? ). Anyways all is well with him, and I got busy living life.... Your page looks GREAT and THANK YOU for including my Rodrigues Brandon side. I have a few updates for my side that I was hoping you would add. My niece Sarah Elizabeth Williams Strong & her husband Joshua Michael Strong had a daughter "Scarlett Marie Strong" on Aug. 9, 2010.
Also, Sarah E. Williams Strong (DIED) this June 29,2014
One more thing, I notice that on my personal bio/info. My daughter's father is listed but, not on the family tree. Could you please list him on the family tree for my daughter's sake? It should be Michelle Renee Williams(mother) DOB: 12-25-1970; Jose Martin Corella (father) DOB:3-2-1967; Isabella Terainha Corella Williams (daughter) DOB:7-27-2000.
P.s. Even thou I only saw guestbook entries from the Goody side, it was nice to see family names carried down ALL THESE GENERATIONS :-) I saw a Julian; Gordon; Joe (for Joseph); Sarah; Katherine/Kathryn.
Sincerely, (I haven't figured out how many removed half cousins.... lol...) Michelle R. Williams

Reply: Dear Michelle,
It is lovely to hear from you again.
We will update the website as soon as possible with the information that you have given us.
We will send you an email about your daughter's father to discuss that situation with you.
Look forward to hearing from you by email.

140 » Alison Whatley

Location: Birmingham UK
Date: 17.08.2014
Time: 03:01:06

Hi. Thanks for the message. My mother was Frances Smith 1913-2002 and my father was Ernest Percy Spring Frost 1909-1991. His father was Ernest Charles Frost 1881-1943 who was born in Aldham Suffolk. Margaret Edith Frost was his sister. My father's sister was Queenie Frost 1911-1998 and I found a memorial card for Edward Ernest Frost 1918-1937 in her papers after her death. This card was a family mystery until I found your website!

139 » Alison Whatley

Location: Birmingham UK
Date: 14.08.2014
Time: 02:46:35

I have just discovered this great website. Thanks for all the work that you have put in. Margaret Edith Frost was my Great Aunt and Joy Roberts (who has given information about her family with Ernest Willie Crisp) is my second cousin. We have never met but I would be interested in getting in touch. I hope she reads this message so that our email details can be exchanged.

Reply: Hello Alison,
We have sent an email to Joy, hopefully she will open it. As you can see this message is visible also for Joy to see. Thank you for the kind comments that you made.
We have received an email from Joy and she would like to know the names of your parents to see if a connection can be established. Thank you.

138 » Angela Atkinson

Location: Richmond n Yorkshire
Date: 11.08.2014
Time: 12:40:42

I wrote to you last year but since then I have some more information for your family tree if you are interested re Clara Carver who married Uriah Goody on 22/11/1916
Clara is my grandmother, my maiden name is Carver. Clara s maiden name was Clara Curd born 20/2/1890 to Richard Curd and Julia Curd at 77 Charltons Cottage Stanghow, Skelton.
Clara married Fred Carver, my grandad 22/1/1908. My dad Frederick Walter Carver was born 13/1/1909, Joyce Carver was born 1911.
Fred Carver was killed at the Battle of the Somme 10/7/1916. If you need any further info please contact

137 » Margaret Jean Mckay (nee Goody)

Location: Essex
Date: 11.08.2014
Time: 00:14:29

vera Rebecca hall born 4 feb 1924 died oct 2010 Suffolk. ernest McKay married to margaret jean died may 2012 in chelmsford

Reply: Thank you for the information. We will add everyone to the tree as soon as we can but we are very busy at the moment so please bear with us, but rest assured we shall update the tree as soon as possible.

136 » Margaret Jean Mckay (nee Goody)

Location: Essex
Date: 10.08.2014
Time: 23:50:18

my daughter,denise jacquline carter d.o.b, 1may 1955. son. William Richard carter.d.o.b. 14 October 1956 [west ham]father is William Daniel carter d.o.b.29 November 1929. I married Robert George burd 15 july 1961 son Daniel Anthony 25 august 1963 divorced and married ernest McKay. Daniel,s name was changed to mckay

Reply: Thank you for the information.

135 » Margaret Jean Mckay (nee Goody)

Location: Essex
Date: 10.08.2014
Time: 23:35:39

re. sister vera;s 3 daughters angela mary1945/Teresa Marilyn 1947 dawn lorraine1949, vera was divorced from stan tunnage later married daughters father Kenneth john Samuel hall in the 50s ? barking area.

Reply: Thank you for the information.

134 » Julia Hewitt

Location: Essex
Date: 08.08.2014
Time: 06:45:54

My great aunt was Doris Easteal and we have managed to trace the Easteal family tree back to around the 1700s. Have always though it was an unusual surname until I realised how many there were of us!

Reply: Thank you for your message. Isn't it fascinating how many people have the same surname once you start to delve into a family tree!

133 » Margaret Jean Mckay (nee Goody)

Location: Essex
Date: 27.07.2014
Time: 23:41:33

Re. my sister Vera Rebecca b. 1924 to Richard/selina goody also had a third daughter Teresa Marilyn born 1947, just to keep the records straight. Thank you for all your knowledge and hard work. I have 3 children from previous marriages. William Carter 1956. Denise Carter 1955 Danny McKay 1963

Reply: Hello Margaret,
Thank you for your message, we would like to add these people to the family tree but a few more details would be much appreciated.
Can you tell us where Teresa was born as we can find no trace of her birth.
Can you give us details of your previous marriages please on our guestbook.
We hope to hear from you again.
Best Wishes
Charles and Valerie
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