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132 » Carol Creevy

Location: Dumbarton,Scotland
Date: 21.07.2014
Time: 04:43:35

Hi Charles and Valerie,

Thank you for your reply. My sister Linda & I have been contacted by a company of researchers with regards to James Williamson a.k.a. Fyfe, who was the son of Helen Brenda Brooks Williamson and Thomas Fyfe. I'm not sure if you are aware that James died in Somerset on 21/12/2008. You will now realise that my sister and I are James's half-sisters. We never knew about James which is a quite sad. I know that he had two half-brothers John Stuart and Peter Gordon. I would like to make contact with them if it's possible, as I would like to know about James. Do you have any idea of their whereabouts? P.S. We think Helen's second marriage was to Robert Scott Gibson in 1943 but we are still checking this out.

Reply: Hi Carol,
It was very sad to hear of the death of James Williamson, we know that he was in a home for most of his life in the Bristol area due to the fact that he was mentally retarded. Yes he had two half-brothers as you can see from our website. Unfortunately, we no longer have their addresses.
Best wishes with your researching.
Charles and Valerie

131 » Carol Creevy

Location: Scotland
Date: 15.07.2014
Time: 13:27:44

I'm trying to obtain information re Helen Brenda Brooks born in 1922, who is featured on your website. Do you know if she was previously married in Glasgow in 1941 to a Thomas Fyfe ? My father was Thomas Fyfe and we know he was married before he married my mother in 1947. My sister and I would be grateful for any information you have.

Reply: Hello Carol,
Thank you very much for your message in our guestbook.
Helen Brenda Brooks, always known as Brenda, was Valerie's aunt. We know that she was married twice before she married Jim Williamson. As far as we know she always lived in Glasgow until she moved to England after marrying Jim. She had one son, called James by one of her first two husbands but we do not know whom she was married to. We know that her parents address in 1950 was 23 Kelvinside Terrace, Glasgow. As you are living in Scotland it is possible that you can obtain the information for free from the Records Offices in Scotland.
We are sorry that we cannot give you any more information, but please do contact us again in case we can help you further.
Best Wishes
Charles and Valerie Goody

130 » Joy Roberts

Location: United Kingdom
Date: 13.07.2014
Time: 08:40:02

Hi again,

Have found you have got a lot more information included in the Crisp/Frost family.
George Frost married 21/11/1940.
They had 3 children, Kenneth G born 05/06/1946 died 22/06/1946. Linda born 14/01/1948 and David G born 08/09/1953.

Glad to help.

Reply: Hi Joy,
Many thanks for your wonderful help on the tree. We have updated the website with the information you have given us and a little bit more.
Best Wishes from us both.

129 » Andra

Location: Riverside
Date: 08.07.2014
Time: 15:11:23

Great Webpage, Thanks! Keep up the great work.

Reply: Thank you.

128 » Diane Dungate

Location: Suffolk
Date: 05.07.2014
Time: 17:01:54

Like many others in this guestbook I congratulate you on your painstaking and thorough research. It was a thrill to be able to trace back the line of my grandmother, Ada Goodey to my 6x great-grandparents, John Goody and Mary Williams

Ada, born at Layer De La Haye, was the daughter of Reuben Goodey and Elizabeth Emma Hitchen. Is there anyone out there who can tell me anything about Ada's whereabouts during WW1? I believe she was working as a nurse and met James Dungate, the man who became my grandfather but as she was still technically married to someone else it was all shrouded in secrecy and guesswork and I'd love to know more!

Reply: Thank you very much for your message. We hope that someone will read and respond to your message. We will send you an email with what may be some information.

127 » Evie

Location: United Kingdom
Date: 29.06.2014
Time: 08:27:07

You have included my family in your tree.

Reply: We hope that you have enjoyed our website.

126 » Joy Roberts

Location: United Kingdom
Date: 04.06.2014
Time: 14:26:58


Ernest Willie born 16/04/1872 in Stratford St Mary Suffolk to Henry S Crisp and Sarah Bradbrook. Children born to Margaret Frost/ Ernest Willie Crisp - Stanley Frost 1914 - 1976. Percy Frost 1915 - 1964. Ernest Frost 1918 - 1937. George Frost - 1919 - 1990. Margaret Frost 1921 - 2008. As it appears you have now included Margaret in your tree, thought you might like to add her siblings.
Regards Joy

Reply: Thank you so very much for your help with our Goody Family tree. It is fantastic when someone is so helpful to us.
We have added the Crisp/Frost children to the tree and some other information about them.
Once again, thank you.

125 » Ruth Afford

Location: England
Date: 05.05.2014
Time: 10:44:52

Hi, thanks for getting back to me and yes I could get to information. We had already seen this info but still not sure if we are on the correct path. Is it possible that any other people would share a photo of Selina Goodey with me as we have never seen any. Would be grateful. Many thanks for you help and also your web site. Ruth

Reply: We were pleased to try to give you some assistance. The only way you will be able to confirm the information will be to order and pay for birth, marriage and death certificates.
You should be able to find the reference numbers you will need if you go to the FREEBMD website.
If we can help you any further we will be happy to do so.
If anyone sends us a photo of Selina or her family we will, of course, let you know.

124 » Ruth Goodey

Location: UK
Date: 19.04.2014
Time: 01:34:04

Hi. my father was Peter Goodey, born 1931 in Pancras London. His mother was Selina Goodey and her mother was Selina Goodey. Do you have any info as we have searched and keep coming up against a brick wall. Many thanks. Ruth

Reply: Thank you for your message. We have worked on your family and you will now find information about Selina on our website.

123 » Matt Drewry

Location: UK
Date: 09.04.2014
Time: 13:27:11

Hi, whilst not a Goody, Limburners or the old Goody store was my family home from 1975 until last year when my father retired. The shop was turned back into a family home in the 1950's I believe. Renamed Lymburners many years before we owned it, there are plenty of pictures of the house today on the internet, simply google lymburners. It was lovely to see the old picture of the house as it was when it was a shop.

Reply: Thank you for your message, we were very lucky when we were given the photograph of the building as a shop.
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