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122 » Alice Mason

Location: UK
Date: 31.03.2014
Time: 08:18:10

Hi I have some information about my great great grandfarther Ernest Goody (son of Elisha Goody and Victoria Mason) who is on the 3rd family tree you have.
He had 4 chrildren with Sarah Elizabeth Goody nee Maddocks.
Lilian G born in 1885
Eve W born in 1887
Ernest P born in 1889
and Claude H born in 1891
The children are listed in the 1901 census as living with Sarah Elizabeth although now she is listed as being Maddocks again and the children are listed as being Masons (not Goodys like in the 1891 census).
The only connection I can find to the name Mason is that this is the surname of their perternal Grandmother (although she died before they were born so not sure why this was done).
They are also listed as being boarders and not as Sarahs children. The childrens occupation is listed as stage perfomers. Thought I'd share what I know as you didn't seem to have this information.

Reply: Thank you very much for the information you have given us. We are struggling to find the family in the 1891 Census and the marriage of Sarah Ann to Ernest, so we will contact you by email.
We apologise for the delay in showing your message.

121 » Donna-Marie Farenden

Location: United Kingdom
Date: 26.03.2014
Time: 15:14:07

Derek William goody born 25/08/1936 married to Rita Goody is my grandfather. His details are incorrect. His first child was Doreen Hazel Goody born 20/07/1954 (my mother) Toni Goody was actually their SON but my nan (Rita) loved to spell it that way whom did sadly die as a child. James and John My uncles details are correct.

Reply: Thank you very much for your message and information. It is very kind of you to help us and also to correct our mistakes. We never feel disappointed to be corrected we always appreciate any help that we are given. We have made the changes and added a few people and these can now be seen on the website.

120 » Margaret Jean Mckay (nee Goody)

Location: UK
Date: 13.03.2014
Time: 12:14:41

My dad is not followed up, but his brothers William and Albert are, he ties in as Richard Henry born 1902 married Selena Radford in 1923. Had 2 daughters, me born 1935 Vera Rebecca 1924 all born in West Ham

119 » Margaret Jean Mckay (nee Goody)

Location: UK
Date: 07.03.2014
Time: 14:16:57

Hi Derek, you left a message 59.... (I have a cousin Derek), son of William and Mary. Are you that person?

Daniel Goody married Anne Siggins on 26th June 1802 St Leonards church Shoreditch. church records no. 389.

Have once or twice mis-spelt the name as Goodey. They had 9 children.

118 » margaret mckay[nee goody]

Location: UK
Date: 04.03.2014
Time: 17:00:25

Hi, I am a daughter of Richard Henry Goody who was born 26 April 1902 he died 30 November 1964. I was born the 30 April 1935. I had a sister Vera 11 years my senior, now deceased. Please get in touch if I can be of any help. regards Margaret Jean.

Reply: Thank you for your message in our guestbook, we would be grateful for any information you can give us and will be in touch by email.

117 » Levi

Location: USA
Date: 20.02.2014
Time: 05:41:52

Amazing Website, Thank You! Keep up the great work.

Reply: Thank you for looking at our website, we are glad you enjoyed it.

116 » Rose Victoria Fraley

Location: UK
Date: 05.01.2014
Time: 02:09:17

Hello, I'm on your family tree! I have had a daughter Jasmine-Anne Bailey born 2011 could you put her on here too? Her father is Marlon Bailey born 1991! Thankyou

Reply: Congratulations, it is wonderful that you have a baby daughter. Thank you very much for letting us know.

115 » Joy Roberts

Location: United Kingdom
Date: 30.12.2013
Time: 15:20:14

Hi Ernest Willie Crisp was my mother Margaret Phyllis Frost's Father and her mother was Margaret Edith Frost she was born 1921.
Margaret Edith Frost was also Ernest Willie Crisp's 1st cousin, his mother being my Grandmother's sister.

Reply: Thank you very much for getting in touch with us. It is great when we are contacted by relatives even though they may be distant. We will contact you by email as soon as possible.

114 » alfie goodey

Location: UK
Date: 28.12.2013
Time: 16:20:41

I was just wondering does any of your Goodey family have a connection in UK by rh negative blood, like myself some of us have rh negative blood. the rare kind. Any clue, if you want to talk more feel free to email me , kind wishes to you and i enjoyed the website very interesting!

Reply: We're sorry but we do not have any information about blood types in our records, but thank you for saying that you found our website very interesting.
If anyone contacts us we will give them your email address.

113 » Alister Williams

Location: UK
Date: 16.11.2013
Time: 17:59:24

I knew Florence Ellen Alma Goody (nee Tipper) in the 1950s & 1969s and can give you some information about her should you care to contact me.

Reply: Thank you for your message in the guestbook. We always welcome any help that we are offered and will contact you immediately now that we have returned from holiday.
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