Female Sarah Simpson Wood

Sarah was born in 1802.

General Notes

Christened on 7th November 1802 in an Anglican Church in St Joseph's Parish, Barbados.  Her parents names are John and Margaret Wood.
Her marriage to Daniel Goody was her second marriage.  Sarah's first marriage was to Abraham Rodrigues Brandon, a sugar plantation owner and shipper in St. Michael, Barbados.  They had three daughters, Julia, Esther and Lavinia, and three sons...Abraham Rodrigues Brandon - who died as an infant, Joseph Rodrigues Brandon (1828 Barbados - April 22, 1916, San Francisco, California), and Alfred Rodrigues Brandon (1830 - died June 1, 1831, St. Michael, Barbados).  Her first husband, Abraham Rodrigues Brandon died only five days after their son Alfred, on June 6, 1831.
On August 11, 1831, a terrible hurricane struck the island of Barbados, destroying most of the buildings and killing about 2,000 people.  Most of the English planters
let the island shortly thereafter, some going to New York, New Orleans, the Carolinas, and most back to England where they still owned property.  Sarah bundled up her four remaining children - Julia, Esther, Lavinia, and Joseph - and took them to Stepney, London.  She still had income of her own from family property and her inheritance from Abraham Rodrigues Brandon.
1841 Census shows that she was 35 years of age, of independent means,  born abroad and living on her own in Bromley Street, Stepney.
1851 Census shows that she was 48 years of age, born in Barbados and living in 5 Bromley Street, Stepney, Middlesex and that she was an annuitant (receiving a private income).
1861 Census shows that she was 57 years of age, born in Barbados, West Indies and living in 5 Bromley Street, Stepney, Middlesex.
1881 Census shows that she was 79 years of age, born in Barbados and living at 115 Bromley Street, Ratcliffe, London.

Occupation Details

1881 Census states she was a Land Proprietor.

Death Notes

Death was registered between Oct-Dec 1892 at 90 years of age in Paddington Registration District, London, England.
She died during December 1892 at Clarendon Gardens, Paddington, London whilst living with her daughter, Lavinia Rodrigues Brandon Abecasis, her grandaughter, Gladys Lavinia Abecasis and her daughter, Julia Rodrigues Brandon. Died at the age of 90 in 1892.

Sarah's first family with Alfred Rodrigues Brandon

         Husband's Pictures
Sarah and Alfred were married in St Joseph, Barbados during 1823.  They had three sons and three daughters, named Alfred, Joseph, Alfred, Julia, Esther and Lavinia.


Female Julia Rodrigues Brandon
Julia was born in 1824.

Female Esther Rodrigues Brandon
Esther was born in 1825.

Female Lavinia Rodrigues Brandon
Lavinia was born on September 20th, 1826.

Male Alfred Rodrigues Brandon
Alfred was born on September 20th, 1826.

Male Joseph Rodrigues Brandon
Joseph was born in 1828.

Male Alfred Rodrigues Brandon
Alfred was born in 1830.

Sarah's second family with Daniel Goody

Sarah and Daniel were married on October 10th, 1833.  They had two sons and a daughter, named Alfred, Edwin and Emily.
Married in Old Church, St Pancras, London.


Male Alfred Brandon Goody
Alfred was born on February 16th, 1835.

Male Edwin Brandon Goody
Edwin was born on July 13th, 1836.

Female Emily Brandon Goody
Emily was born on October 9th, 1840.